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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Travel Galapagos – Trip Duration

Most Galapagos tours usually travel for eight days, seven nights. In reality, only seven full days are spent traveling the islands, since typically the first and last days are partials, with an early afternoon arrival and departure. My blog refers to these as one week travel tours. The itineraries are, for the most part, well organized, and a diversity of flora and fauna can be observed. I would classify this as the minimum recommended travel duration that’s if you want to come away with a good feeling for the Galapagos. Unfortunately, I must say that there are a growing number of people who take a three to four day Galapagos travel tours. These travel tours cannot be recommended since travelers will spend so much time getting there, unpacking, repacking and ready to leave the irritations of travel, especially South American travel, will most likely overshadow the short experience itself.

In order to travel Galapagos well, a two week travel of the Galapagos Islands is suggested for those of you who want to get the max in regards to observation, photographic opportunities, and just plain enjoyment. I mean that why we’re traveling to Galapagos in the first place right? Let me further explain… Each island is different with its own matchless ecosystem and wildlife division. Not only are many species prevalent to the Galapagos Islands, they are also prevalent to a specific island. In other words, each island has plants and animals that you’re not going to see on any other island. The idea is, the more islands you travel too the more unique wildlife you’re going to se. If you want to see the redfooted booby, you have to travel to either Tower (Genovesa) Island or Punta Pitt on San Cristobal Island. If you want to see the waved albatross, you have to travel to Hood (EspaƱola) Island. If you want to see the flightless cormorant, you have to travel to Isabela or Fernandina Island. Trust me the list goes on and on…


Travel Galapagos - Quick Cost Run Down

Travel Galapagos
There are so many ways to travel the Galapagos and have an exciting one or two week experience. In terms of cost it really depends on your interest, comfort level, amount willing to spend, and creativity to avoid unnecessary costs. You can seemingly travel Galapagos by cruise at a cost around $90-$600 a day per person. It doesn’t matter what your range is since all meals are included and the boat is fully crewed with competent guides that are trained at the Charles Darwin Research Station in the Galapagos. The travel cost depends on a number of factors that will be discussed further in the blog and will force you to make a number of decisions.