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Galapagos Tours

Most Galapagos tours are 8 days, 7 nights. Actually only 7 full days are spent touring the islands, because the first and last days are partials, with an early afternoon arrival and departure. This blog refers to these type of tours as “1 week tours”. The itineraries are, for the most part, well planned and a diversity of wildlife can be observed. The Galapagos Travel blog would classify this as the minimum recommended tour duration. That is to say the minimum in terms of time needed to tour the Galapagos and depart with a satisfactory feeling. Unfortunately there is a growing number of travelers who take the 3-4 day tour. These trips are not recommended to our readers. In all honesty most of your time will be spent trying to reach your destination, packing, etc. its simply not enough time.

Galapagos Tour Guide

The Galapagos Travel blog recommends the 2 week tour of the islands for the best in terms of observation, photographic opportunities, and just plain fun. Each island in distinct and has its particular ecosystem and wildlife. In other words, each island has plants and animals that you’re not going to find anywhere else.

There are official touring areas called Galapagos Visitor Sites on ten of the major islands. While several of the central islands can be viewed on a two – a -day basis, there are an equal number that will require a single day unto themselves. Tours on the outer islands require significant inter-island touring time. For example a tour of the Isabela island can take between three to five days to adequately see the wildlife and horseback ride up one of the volcanoes.