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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Floreana Island Galapagos

Most Galapagos travel agencies spend time checking out the wildlife near shore on a panga boat ride. Expect to find sea lion colonies, lava gulls, and pelicans. At Punta Cormorant there is an olive green beach with a short trail that leads across a narrow section of the island. Along this trail is a small brackish lagoon where bright pink flamingos and other lagoon feeders dwell. Sometimes there are dozens of flamingos here, but even if the flock is away there is still a good chance o witnessing a lone individual or two. Flamingos are very shy and nervous animals, so this is a good place to use your zoom lens.  At the end of the trail is a white sand beach divided by black lava rocks.

Here you’ll find colorful Sally Lightfoot crabs dancing about and stingrays swimming in the shallows. It’s a great place to swim, but watch your step near shore. Shuffle and slide your feet through the sand to avoid stepping on a stingray. A panga ride from Punta Cormorant offers a special treat in the form of the Devil’s Crown. This volcanic plug that pokes out of the water just offshore is a great place to see nesting and resting shorebirds.

It is also one of the Galapagos best snorkeling areas. The crater offers a small coral formation and numerous species of bright tropical fish, including the blue parrotfish, various triggerfish, and the pufferfish. For an extra special rush, follow your guide’s lead and look for sharks. You may be fortunate enough to spot the awesome hammerhead and white tipped reef shark in one swim. Floreana Island has a few modern facilities and is accessible as part of most tours, particularly the shorter ones. There are a few places to stay near Black Beach on the western side of the island.

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