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Monday, February 27, 2012

Baltra Islands

Baltra Island, only 100 meters above sea level and a surface area of 27 square kilometers, this little corner of the archipelago is the first place visitors come into contact with the islands, since here the airport is to be found, built in 1942 by the United States Navy when they were controlling the boats passing through the Panama Canal. With a temperature above 28 degrees at times, this place has a desert like landscape with flora typical of arid zones and brightly colored cacti typical of the volcanic landscape since these are to be found between the rocks which supported the lava found.

Travelers coming to the Galapagos for snorkeling, scuba diving and deep sea diving practice around the island which is separated from the Santa Cruz by a channel. On a trip through the transparent waters the first travel companions are the seals and varioua birds, including chaffinches, all of which are likely to be seen during the fifteen minutes it takes to arrive at Santa Cruz, 900 square kilometers and the most highly populated of the islands.