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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Enchanted Islands

Travel to the Galapagos 

The enchanted islands as they are commonly known, attract thousands of tourists each year wishing to visit the place for first hand knowledge on the theory of evolution by the natural selection of the species. These visits consist of guided travel tours lasting a few days and with strict control on admission to avoid the endemic species. Some of the places do not allow access to anyone from the boats.

The most curious thing about this place is that visitors can move freely amongst the seals, iguanas,tortoises.... None of which are frightened by human presence, although it has to be said that neither is anyone allowed to lay a hand on any species.

Strict safety and travel regulations have been imposed since 1978 when the archipelago became listed as one of the Unesco World Heritage Sites. Actually the jewel of Ecuador and even though other countries have threatened to take possession, the Galapagos Islands have remained the very point of reference for this country which just so happens to be right in the middle of the world.

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